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Don't Get Ripped Off on Your Next Website Build! Know the difference between a website developer and a website designer.

So you're building a website...

Is a website designer or a website developer a better deal?

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How Can I Build an Authentic Personal Brand?

Building a brand is all about building a connection with your followers. It has to do with how your brand makes people feel more than how it looks. How it looks matters - as it is what people see first - but an essential ingredient is the emotion.

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Go On & Be Seen! The Power Of an Image.

Some people have said pictures are worth a thousand words.

Are those people right? You bet they are! Especially when it comes to a business. By the end of this blog post you're to walk away with the right tips on how to draw people in just based on.

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For my beautiful mommas: finding work life balance


Hey, Momma! 

I am a big believer in women in business and on this wonderful day I feel inspired to share with you some of my journey in becoming an empowered and (mostly) guilt-free working mama.

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Ask heather: "what are current trends in newsletter publishing?"

I recently got an email from a client who was asking about email marketing and I got thinking...

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Absolutely Devastating - What Happen's When We Don't Shop Local.

Last Summer my little ones were begging to go garage-saleing. Not one to pass up an opportunity to treasure hunt, I agreed. We went to grab some cash and scope out the local goods. It was all a fun adventure until it got raw.

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How to make yourself care when you feel like you don't.

Have you ever sat down at your computer to face a task or project and struggled with getting focussed? Perhaps it is scheduled in your calendar with a looming (or overdue) deadline and a flatness glazes over your eyes. You think to yourself,.

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6 Ways Website Designers Can Apply NeuroScience To Your webSite

We are in a time of disjointed attention and we have mere seconds to communicate that to our clients when they search us out online. In those seconds - it is so important to convey two main messages: what you do, and how it benefits your.

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How to write "How to" Blog Posts

At a recent Work Away from Work Workshop on how to get found online, we mentioned that 'How To' tutorial type posts are popular and a great way to show off your authority and helpfulness.

And, understandably, we were met with some resistance. 


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Wanna SuperCharge Your Sales? Yeah Ya Do!

The term supercharge can relate to many topics, anything from muscle cars to batteries. When I hear the word supercharge, the first thing that comes to mind is my husband Jay.


Jay has what I like to call a supercharged “Snallet” Now if you.

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